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We are revolutionaries! We reinvented the hostel and redefined the hostel! This revolutionary hostel mode influence will not just limited to the people’s living, but profound impact on the transportation, education, social, employment and many other fields. High quality modern life just belong to very few rich man always. Through the revolutionary innovation, advanced technology, great and unique design, strongly cost control, we invent revolutionary solution that make urban life standard jumps 30 years directly in developing countries. We call it City 3.0 (we define original agricultural societies city as City 1.0, industrialized societies city as City 2.0), it pushes the urban infrastructure shared model into a more intensive and efficient stage. This City 3.0 revolution will come more rapid in developing countries where overcrowding and lack of infrastructure seriously. Obviously imitate practices of occident cities by the slowly progressive way to solve the urgent urban problems in developing countries is not a desirable way. The income gap and social disparities between developed countries and developing countries, are not dozens of percent, but dozens of times. There is no doubt that for these huge numbers of low-income people, who account for more than half of the world's population, need a tailored and revolutionary solution! Its great significance will not less than the Henry Ford production line in one century ago. .

Super Facilities

"The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary."
-- Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart.

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  • 3 Times Meal
  • Multi-fx Bed
  • Gym
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We give you a place, you will make your position. We believe in effeciency. .

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Target of accomodation in 2017

Our Services.

We provide almost 40+ and more will be added into our list, only for you.

24/7 CC Camera Survilance

Every where CC Camera monitoring the activities and ensure security.

Room service

House keeprs will clean your room every day.


Every zone has separate Xiaomi Router with full signal.


Everyday we wash your cloths.


Shower Gel, Shaver, Shampoo, Hair Drier, Nail Clipper, Shoe pollisher.


Touch Lamp, Weight Machine, USB Shocket, Hangger, Shoe Box and 10+.

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